"Dripping with honeyed beauty and glowing with heartfelt warmth, this landmark album is a triumph. Singer-songwriter Gina Williams and guitarist Guy Ghouse have laid down an important stepping stone in what will hopefully be an irresistible and sustained renaissance in Noongar language and culture...But this is not only an important cultural document - it is a plain lovely musical gem...4.5 stars..."


Stephen Bevis, Arts Editor

The West Australian

Kalyakoorl (which means Forever), is a glorious journey into the incredibly rare and beautiful Noongar language. Kalyakoorl is brimming with evocative, beautifully crafted songs and showcases the jaw dropping combination of Gina’s incredible voice and the guitar mastery of Guy Ghouse.



Recorded, mixed and mastered at Crank Studios with Lee Buddle (Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Katie Noonan), Kalyakoorl is informed by four principles; Koort (Heart), Moort (Family), Boodja (Land) and Koorlangka (children and legacy). Kalyakoorl features the extraordinary talents of Russell Holmes (Piano), Roy Martinez (Bass), Arun Satgunasingam (Percussion) and introduces Gina’s daughters Lauren and Bella McGill (backing vocals).

"Lyrically emotive and culturally integrated, Kalyakoorl is also well constructed, swinging between thematic elements and melodies with ease. Williams' voice is incredibly welcoming, language barriers be damned."


Cam Findlay

The Music

Come listen to where it all began...


Gina's debut album, Brilliant Blue was released in 2005,  and holds 12 original tracks which weave their way through her own remarkable story.


Touching on subjects such as the Stolen Generations (Mr Neville), Suicide (Blown Away), Racism (Skin Deep), the loss of her beloved adoptive father (Absence of You), the reunion with her biological mother (Your Eyes), this is a beautiful collection of songs which honour deep memories and bring hope to a brighter future.


Produced by Lucky Oceans and engineered by Lee Buddle, the album features Gina's band at the time "The Lubbly Sings."